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Immediate Live Academy is the home of passion-led online learning experiences taught by masters in their field. Join any of our live and on-demand masterclasses to learn new skills, master your craft and enjoy doing more of what you love.

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‘What Makes a Modern Quilt: The Myths and The Magic’

Thursday 16th September, 16:00 BST

Join Carole Lyle Shaw as she discusses modern quilting in this one hour online workshop ‘What Makes a Modern Quilt: The Myths and The Magic’. The class will take place live on zoom on the 16th September and you will have the chance to ask Carole all your quilting questions.

Price: £12


‘Understanding and Using Colour’

On Demand

Textile and mixed media artist Hilary Beattie will develop your understanding of the colour wheel, clarify the importance of warm vs. cool and transparency vs. opacity. You will master the art of mixing and appreciate the possibilities of the hundreds of colours you can create from the basics, particularly when utilising tints, tones and shades.

Price: £150


‘Sourdough Beyond Basics’

On Demand

Do you need help taking your sourdough baking to the next-level? Need an expert to answer all your bread-making questions, like what a lively starter really means or why bench rest is important? Help is at hand. Join this online masterclass to learn everything you need to know about refining your sourdough process, baking perfect loaves and using your dough for pizza and focaccia.

Price: £12.50


Q&A with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company

Wednesday 4th August, 16:00 BST

Join Jenny Doan in this conversational session as she shares her quilting journey and the story of Missouri Star while answering questions from quilters like you. Jenny will encourage, inspire and empower creatives around the world to create and enjoy what they do. 

Price: £15


What Makes a Modern Quilt: The Myths and the Magic!
with Carole Lyles Shaw

Thursday 5th August, 16:00 BST

Carole will dispel the myths and misunderstandings about what makes a modern quilt. Discover the key principles of modern quilting, dispel the myths and misunderstandings and explore emerging trends in this exciting quilting sector.

Price: £12


My Patchwork Path
with Anna Maria Horner

Friday 6th August, 17:00 BST

Anna Maria will share a few dozen quilts that illustrate her creative process which is rooted in fine art and translated to quilt composition. With each quilt shown she’ll lift the veil on her tasks of building colour palettes, handwork techniques, and the compositional choices she makes that promote her growth as a contemporary quilt maker.

Price: £12


International Quilt Trends
with Luana Rubin

Monday 9th August, 18:00 BST

See how quilters in different countries use their own culture as inspiration for unique works of art, and how the minimalism of Modern Quilting continues to expand as a design trend.

Price: £12

Polar-Bear-Eclipsed-Luana-Rubin (1)

Colour, Energy and those Darn UFOs
with Karen Brown

Wednesday 11th August, 17:00 BST

Join Karen Brown in this exploration of our personal relationship with colour and how we can recognise our own bias to make the quilts that we want to make.

Price: £12


Snack Bag Workshop for Young Quilters with Gill Towell

On-Demand, watch in your own time

With the summer holidays approaching, you may know of a young person who would love to keep busy with a bit of stitching? Young Quilters has a very exciting video workshop to share with you!

Watch the video and have a go at making a bright and colourful snack pouch to store your tasty treats. The pouch even has a waterproof lining which is really handy to use whilst out and about, or would be ideal for taking to school after the summer break.

Project templates can be found on the Young Quilters website.

Price: Free


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