Since 1986 Heide Stoll-Weber has maintained a studio in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 1994 she started her own business, farbSTOFF, a workshop for hand-dyed cotton fabrics. The European textile community quickly embraced her fabric, particularly since the elaborate colour palette of the hand-dyed material complemented and expanded the range of industrially produced fabrics available at the time. Heide is showing works from two major series: ’Shapes and Lines’ are cut from her own hand dyed fabrics and pieced into large scale compositions. Each shape defines a field of colour that is filled with densely machine stitched lines echoing not only the shape but also the colour of the respective field thus creating a dense texture, almost invisible from a distance but, up close, becoming a strong design element. Her latest series ‘Re-surfacing’ was started in 2018. Making marks with acrylic paint on cotton sateen as well as experimenting with improvisational monoprinting techniques she creates the base material for this series. The effects are not intended to depict an image or idea, but to generate a foundation of collage material for small fabric constructions. The actual compositions are developed by assembling elements and adding further layers of acrylic or overdyeing. Finally the small works are graphically accentuated with stitching. The result is an intimate representation of imaginary landscapes and ripples of emotions.