Founded in 1997 by Carol Veillon, Quiltmania has worked tirelessly to seek out, and share, the vast and rich world of quilts to an ever-growing and loyal worldwide community.

No other magazine has been designed with such meticulous care to content, photography, layout and print quality. Our high standards are what makes our publishing company “the reference” on quilts, as often noted by both professionals in the industry as well as our readers. These standards are applied to every single one of our products, including our annual trade show, Pour l’Amour du Fil, launched for the first time in 2009 and today, an international brand. What is our secret? A driven and inspired team completely devoted to every aspect of the creative process!


Quiltmania Magazine

The Quiltmania magazine pays homage to the art of the traditional quilt. It brings you every two months the latest news of the quilt’s world and features 6 original projects fully detailed with instructions and patterns. Each issue offers a large variety of articles highlighting talented designers, exquisite exhibtions and quilt fairs from around the world as well as a column “Quilts and Enchanting Homes”.

Simply Moderne

With Simply Moderne, welcome to a world of vibrant colors and innovative graphic designs! Every issue features the hottest and newest designers of the Modern Quilt world, international shows, as well as 13 contemporary quilts that are fully detailed with photos, instructions and patterns.

Simply Vintage

With Simply Vintage, dive into a world of flea markets, passionate artisans and vintage crafts! Simply Vintage is our magazine dedicated entirely to Country and Primitive Folk Art. Each issue contains 20 projects, thoroughly detailed with instructions and patterns and include quilts as well as numerous other vintage accessories: decorative panels, seasonal decorations, cushions and dolls.

Cowslip Country Quilts – Jo Colwill

This book is an appliqué lover’s dream! Jo has created a diversity of projects to decorate your home with. Drawing from everyday life in the country, Jo’s quilts portray flower compositions, orchards, exquisite country fairs, and her favorite animals. For those who love to make pillows and cushions to accompany your quilts, you will not be disappointed! 16 projects of varying difficulty are carefully detailed and illustrated, along with a section on her favorite embroidery stitches.

The Whittingham Quilt - Christopher Wison-Tate

The coverlet is originated from Northumberland England which is a very lovely village called Whittingham, very ancient village going back 900 years. Christopher Wison-Tate purchased it from Elizabeth Fraser, she was in her 70’s when he met her and her daughter in Whittingham. She was given it by her grandmother many years before, it dates to around mid Victorian times 1840’s/1850’s.This English rare and quite unique design coverlet had literally just been passed down through the family!

A Ladies' Garden - Karen Cunningham

Imagine sitting in the garden of an adorable British cottage in the countryside, enjoying a cup of tea while admiring the blossoming flower beds sun-kissed by the warm, Spring sun. Karen Cunningham’s book A Ladies’ Garden evokes exactly that same spirit! We are proud to have published her first book in which 15 of her quilts, complete with pattern instructions, are richly accompanied by inspiring photos, bringing a sumptuous garden into your home. Karen has a knack for combining appliqué with pieced blocks in such an elegant way.

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