CLOVER proudly offers a wide range of knitting, sewing, patchwork and quilting tools that appeal to everyone from beginners to experts.


Black Gold Needles

Clover Black Gold Needles are especially designed for hand stitching and are definitely the go to needle for hand quilters. They are made from carefully selected, high quality steel to give an optimum balance of strength and flexibility which ensures the best possible performance and a stress - free hand stitching experience.

Wonder Pins

This new pin concept from Clover holds layers of fabric together in an instant. The benefits of both straight pins and safety pins are now integrated into this single pinning tool! Wonder Pins allow for quick and easy basting and these specially designed curved pins make scooping and holding the fabric easy.

Mini Wonder Clips

Our innovative and best-selling Wonder Clip now comes in a mini version. Small but strong, Clover Mini Wonder Clips perform in exactly the same way as the standard size and provide a great alternative to pins, especially when working with vinyl, pile or heavy weight fabrics.

Roll & Press

It's now so simple to open and fold seams thanks to Clover Roll & Press. This user-friendly tool presses open both straight and curved seams with the greatest of ease without the need for an iron that can leave tell-tale pressing lines that show through to the right side of the fabric.

Dome Threaded Needle Case

The dome can store up to 10 threaded needles and the thread is neatly stored within the mechanism. The lid keeps the threaded needles protected for storage and acts as a stand for the dome so they are easy to access and ready to use whilst you are working on your project.

Hold it Precision Stiletto

Hold it Precision Stiletto is made from heat resistant silicone and has a very fine, angled point at one end and a soft, grippy tip at the other for maximum flexibility when pushing out points, corners and curves. Ideal for all that fine, detailed work, the comfortable design makes it easy to hold securely when using either end.

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