The Fine Art Textiles Award 2022 Winners

See below the shortlist for The Fine Art Textiles Award 2022.

The international juried exhibition recognises the creative talents and skills of a broad community of high-calibre artists using textiles, cloth and thread as their primary medium, and offers a prize of £5,000 for the winning work. The award is open to amateur and practising artists (including quilters) that are producing premium gallery quality fine art. Entries must transcend their craft or making process to stand alone as visual art.

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2022 Winner: 'Table Settings' by Jess Blaustein. Winner of the 'Innovative use of Textiles' The Three Living and the Three Dead by Tanya Bentham

Read on to read the judges’ comments about the winning and shortlisted pieces.

Jess Blaustein

Table Settings

Winner of Fine Art Textiles Award

Judges Comments: “Table Settings immediately conveyed a powerful sense of the artist’s intention, as well as contributing something unique to the medium of textiles and quilting through its conceptual approach.  

The simplicity of the piece speaks powerfully to the associations that exist between the world of domesticity and textiles, however Table Settings explored this relationship in thought-provoking way through the artist’s beautifully understated approach, prompting much discussion among the judges. 

The panel loved the reference to the repetitive nature of domesticity, how everyday rituals can be tracked/recorded to create something that transcends the mundane. They also responded positively to the slightly marked, overlaid, patina of the work which was perceived to be a challenge to the perception of textiles as clean and beautiful. A winning work doesn’t have to be classically perfect, in exactly the same way as whoever is setting a table doesn’t have to be a domestic god or goddess.

The composition, concept and material approach of the work, alongside the artist’s sensitive rendering, captured the judges’ interest, and made this an almost unanimous choice as winner. “

Artist Statement: 

Judges Comments: “Immediately there was a keen sense of the artist’s personality at play in this work. The innovative use of medieval stitch and iconography wittily applied to contemporary subjects were what made this piece deserving of the Innovative Use of Textiles Award. 

The Three Living and the Three Dead 2021 is a wonderfully amusing portrait of modern life. It is simple, strong, direct and brilliantly executed, thanks to a large dash of humour hidden within the detail in this work. 

The work is simple, yet visually engaging and would appeal to a wide demographic. The emphasis is centred on the relationship between the principal figures. The judges were intrigued by the story; given the reference to Opus Anglicanum (early Medieval embroidery), tempered with a graphic novel ‘Day of the Dead’ sensibility. The stitchery completely serves the image, threads model the faces, enhancing the personalities of the individual characters. 

The judges believed this would extend the reach of traditional needlework and appeal to a younger audience thanks to its creative visual storytelling.”

Tanya Bentham

The Three Living and the Three Dead 2021

Winner of 'Innovative use of textiles'

The Fine Art Textiles Award 2022 shortlist

Nadia Ricketts

22:2:22 Portal

Highly Commended

Judith E Martin

Underfoot The Earth Divine

Highly Commended

Alice Burnhope

Earth's Embrace

Anna Olsson

The Migration Court

Caren Garfen

The Weight of the World

Jane Sanders

Self Portrait

Jacobo Alonso


Jane Walkley

Rhythm of the Weave III

Nadia Ricketts

22:2:22 Portal

Highly Commended

Judith E Martin

Underfoot The Earth Divine

Highly Commended

Mandy Coppes-Martin

Transient Myopia

Marian Jazmik

Stems and Stalks

Michelle Griffiths

Endogenous Series: Sudoku 3

Miki Horikiri