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An artist, textile designer, teacher and author, Janet Clare creates inspirational books, beautiful fabrics and charming quilt and embroidery designs.

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Fabrics by Janet Clare for Moda - including my new line 'Geometry'!
Fabrics by Janet Clare for Moda - including my new line 'Geometry'!
We have precuts, kits and fabrics by the metre available in the shop now.

My new line ‘Geometry’ features isosceles triangles, right angles, quadrants and cubes all painted by hand on my favourite graph paper in my favourite colours with the addition of a nice sharp green for added flair.

I’ve never particularly got along with maths. At school Pythagoras, trigonometry, algebra and equations just made me feel a bit dim. So, it’s quite amusing that I now spend a good part of my life doing just that: calculating areas and angles, dividing, multiplying and then adding that pesky quarter inch to everything!

I do love maths equipment though; the rulers, protractors, compasses and best of all- the graph paper. Give me some indigo ink and a piece of squared paper and I am very happy.

I did my homework before naming the colours for this collection. Do you know who they’re named after?

‘Geometry’ is for everyone whether you like maths or not!
Live Online Workshops via Zoom with Janet Clare
Live Online Workshops via Zoom with Janet Clare
Join me at these fun live online workshops via Zoom to learn all about fusible appliqué and create a lovely textile picture.

I will have lots of examples of my work to share for inspiration and we will walk step by step through the process and learn how to create the appliqué and then explore how considering the negative space and positioning of the appliqué in your design makes a big difference to the finished result.

You will learn how I layer techniques such as fusible appliqué, free-motion stitching, hand quilting and embroidery to add character to my work.

I will be right there to help you create your own picture. So come, gather your fabrics and threads and stitch with me.

Head over to the shop to book now!

Janet Clare's Artisan Apron Pattern - Wear your creativity!
Janet Clare's Artisan Apron Pattern - Wear your creativity!
Make and embellish your own crossover apron with this lovely pattern and wear your creativity!

My Artisan Apron is inspired by a vintage pinny and has curved seams, pockets and a cross-over back. The curved and cross-over shape of the back pieces allow the apron to expand and flare out to allow for a wider variety of sizes to wear it. It is comfortable to wear and not that tricky to make either.

The A0 pattern sheet included is graded with seven sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
Janet Clare Books
Janet Clare Books
I've written 5 books and contributed to quite a lot more! All my own books include lots of projects and full-size templates and are illustrated in full colour with beautiful photographs. Read more about each title currently available in the shop.
Quilt and Sewing Patterns
Quilt and Sewing Patterns
My patterns are fun and capture my unique style. Professionally printed in full colour and on good quality paper, each pattern includes detailed instructions, lots of close up photographs and full size templates giving you the confidence to create their own unique version of a Janet Clare quilt with your favourite fabrics.

Many patterns can be constructed using your fabric stash of scraps, with quick machine piecing, appliqué and free motion drawing.

Where templates are required they are full-size and look out for my unique jointed templates to create characters with multiple poses!

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