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We are designers and manufacturers of creative, imaginative and multi-functional organizers that are ideal for all craft disciplines.

Exhibitor’s Products

CA635 - 100 Plus Thread Organiser
This ultimate quilted thread carry bag will hold 100+ plus 3 inch thread reels. Inside the bag there are 8 zippered see-through pockets that hold approx. 12 reels in each pocket – total internal capacity is 96 reels. Externally there are 2 pockets – one of them is a see-through pocket similar to the ones inside and has the capacity at least 12 x 3 inch spools/reels. On the other side there is a fabric zippered pocket to keep your notions, phones or keys. With a dual zipper you can open and lay the bag flat ! The bag has an easy carry handle and is a must have for the serious thread enthusiast.
CA305-Oval Sewing Box
This oval zippered storage organizer was specifically designed to hold all your craft supplies and notions safely. There are no internal pockets in this bag.
CA11-Petite Organiser XL
This petite Quilted organizer XL has 4 see-through zippered pockets and a 12inch/30.5cms zippered fabric pocket. Alongside the pockets is a storage compartment for fabric, tools, thread etc. In addition, there is also added elasticized storage for your thread reels, small scissors, seam rippers and other small tools for easy access. A multi-functional organizer that can also be used for toiletries, medication, cosmetics & jewelry.
CA625-Thread Organiser
A classic clutch style organiser with 4 gusseted and zippered see through pockets. View and access your colourful thread collection with ease in this practical and functional thread storage case.
CA370-Block Showcase Bag
The Yazzii Block Showcase Bag is an innovative solution for storing your fabric blocks up to 14 x 14 inches. Great mobility for your classes, retreats etc.

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