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Southwell Textile Co., Ltd


1F., No.79, Sec.1, Lin-An Road, West Central District, Tainan City 70060, Taiwan (R.O.C)

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High quality embroidery and quilting threads. OEKOTEX standard 100 Class 1 certified, suitable for baby and children products. We offer ODM services.

Exhibitor’s Products

Rayon Thread for Embroidery and Quilting
Our rayon thread is made of high quality material, thus possessing a bright silky appearance with high tensile strength and excellent color fastness that create high productivity and adds value to your final products.
Matte Thread for Embroidery and Quilting
No shimmer, no glitter, no shine, the matte finish of the polyester thread allows the focus of the color to return to its essence, toning down the design without taking away the drama.
Metallic Thread for Embroidery and Quilting
Who doesn't love a dash of glitter that can embellish your quilting and embroidery? Use our brilliant metallic threads to highlight the existing shades or create a shimmery decorative effects.
60/3 Multifunctional Thread
Made of premium MVS polyester. Low lint and with cottony hand feel. It is the ideal thread for sewers when combining quilt top, batting and backing fabric, also suitable for embroidery use.
Polyester Thread for Embroidery and Quilting
Boxes of great sheen,high quality polyester embroidery and quilting threads. 10 colors in 1box ,300 meters each.

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