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Quiltmania Editions is a publishing company specializing in publications dedicated to Patchwork and Quilting.

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Button Box Quilts by Vicki Hodge - Quiltmania Editions
224 pages / book in English - 20 projects (10 reversible quilts) Button Box Quilts by Vicki Hodge How can you free up storage space, save money on batting, and time quilting? It’s easy–just create reversible quilts! Interested in a challenge now that you have found three good reasons to make two-sided quilts? In Vicki Hodge’s NEW book, Button Box Quilts, she has created and paired up 20 of her favorite quilt tops to create 10 reversible quilts. In order to successfully complete her projects, Vicki provides us with valuable guidelines, hints, and most of all a great reason to look on the back of our quilts!
Whizz Bang! by Rachaeldaisy - Quiltmania Editions
Watch out! These blocks can be addictive. 15 projects + 10 blocks patterns + Rachaeldaisy’s precious tips! Ever since Rachaeldaisy won the “Best in Show” at Sydney with her Whizz Bang quilt, nothing has been the same ever since! Now an international star, Rachaeldaisy teaches workshops and exhibits her fantastical quilts composed of never before seen, folded fabric blocks. Rachaeldaisy designs colorful and whimsical circles made of Prairie Points using all types of fabrics – from silk, taffeta, silk organza, recycled shirts, hankies, and linen – and then embellishes them with doilies, yo-yo’s, rickrack, buttons …. you name it! The result is an explosion of trendy and Bohemian quilts never seen before. Quiltmania is proud to publish Rachaeldaisy’s first book, a complete guide to her adventures, full of in-depth tips and step by steps illustrated with 15 sumptuous quilts that will make your head spin! « I love making these blocks! Besides the beautiful, mesmerizing results it’s the joy of the journey as well. I encourage you to be adventurous and have fun experimenting with your blocks to make them different from each other. » – Rachaeldaisy
Quilts, Somewhat in the Middle by Susan Smith - Quiltmania Editions
Susan Smith is an original and talented quilter from Down Under who excels in the art of appliqué. Her quilts exude the coziness and freshness of country cottages in the British countryside during Spring. Every one of her 16 quilts is composed of subtle color palettes and delicate appliqué designs producing quilts that are both simple and refined. For those who love the charm of the countryside, this book is for you!
Labors of Love – Secret Sewing Sisters - Quiltmania Editions
For those enamored of antique quilts and reproducing them in your own personal style, this book is for you! Some of the most exquisite quilts from Jane Lury’s magnificent collection of antique quilts were carefully crafted by 12 visionary quilters. Read their stories, learn about their process and then delve into their work. Let both their history and those of early quilt makers inspire you. There is even a quilt that is perfect for beginners! « Making the quilts has been a shared joy for us. It has connected us to our friends around the world and also to the original quilt makers. Through their work, those early quilt makers spoke to us and inspired us. »
Quiltmania Magazine
Quiltmania is our founding magazine and pays homage to the art of traditional quilts. Inside is an eclectic menu of articles that bring the best quilt exhibitions and artists to you, Quilts & Enchanting Homes, a special Mystery Quilt and 6 exceptional projects complete with pattern instructions and templates. From appliqué to piecing, everything is explained in both cm and inches.
Simply Moderne Magazine by Quiltmania Editions
Our newest addition to the Quiltmania family, Simply Moderne! Welcome to a world of vibrant colors and innovative graphic designs. Patchwork lovers of all levels can embark on this new and exciting adventure! In order to set sail, we prepare for you, in every issue, articles on the best modern quilt exhibitions and modern quilters followed by 10-13 projects carefully explained, templates included. To top off your journey, every issue includes a special tutorial crafted by leading authorities in modern quilting, accompanied by a design for you to make.
Simply Vintage Magazine
Our Simply Vintage magazine is exclusively dedicated to Country and Folk Art. Travel with us to some of the best flea markets, bazaars and antique stores throughout the United States! Then feast your eyes on the cornucopia of projects we hand pick just for you. 20 different projects are thoroughly detailed and await your hands: quilts, decorative panels, seasonal decorations, each one made with a different technique – punch needle, rug hooking, embroidery, felted wool, and so much more !
Quilted and Embroidered Floralies by Cécile Franconie - Quiltmania Editions
After the enormous success of her first book, France’s leading Embroiderer of flowers, Cécile Franconie, has returned with an abundance of new projects that will take your breath away! Take a stroll through Cécile’s garden and let her show you how to embroider with your knitting and crochet yarn, perle cotton, beads and all sorts of unlikely materials. Watch how your own creative garden will be taken to new levels! In this book you will find a wealth of projects that can take anywhere from one afternoon to several months to make, and that are perfect for all levels. Small cases, sewing twirls, wall hangings, brooches, quilts, and bags – 37 projects in total, each one meticulously explained and accompanied by full-size templates and layouts for the embroidery stitches « You do not need to be an expert. What matters most is to be curious, and to take pleasure, without overthinking it, in touching the materials and bringing them to life. » – Cécile
In Love with Mother’s Dreams by Reiko Kato - Quiltmania Editions
Everybody loves hearts! Over the course of an entire year, Reiko worked on this theme with her students and the exquisite results have been compiled in our new book. Over 37 projects, all dedicated to the heart, await your creative hands. The book’s « pièce de résistance » is Reiko’s unbelievable quilt, so elaborate and brimming with details that an entire book could be dedicated to it. From adorable decorative objects to mini panels, everthing is « Kawaï » (Japanese for cute). You can start small and work your way to Reiko’s quilt!

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