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Oakshott Fabrics


Oakshott and Company Ltd
19 Bamel Way
Gloucester Business Park
E: [email protected]

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+44 (0) 1452 371 571

A family business renowned for it lustrous shot cottons and sumptuous colours. Fabrics are adored for their shimmer, ‘movement’ and ease of work.

Exhibitor’s Products

Grayshott Plains & Weaves
Meet our newest collection, Grayshott: a palette as sophisticated and chic as the Provençal locations from which it takes its names. Avignon, Antibes, Luberon, Grasse… we'll take you on a tour of the French Riviera and surrounds, conjuring a sensual vibe and excitement unlike any other. Each Grayshott marries a Vintage Silver warp with a thoughtful edit of weft hues. And overlaid onto the Grayshott solids are two exciting textures - Basket and Windowpane Weaves - that contribute not one, but two additional tones to each colourway, one on each side of the fabric.
Think Colour: Think Oakshott
Oakshott is renowned for its sumptuous palettes of ‘shot’ cottons. Sewers and quilters the world over adore them for their shimmer and ‘movement’: they appear to have a third dimension. Combine their visual splendour with a provocative assortment of names - Nectarine, Avocado, Sweet Pea, Blueberry Crush… and the result is a true assault on the senses. Designed entirely in-house, every shade is unique to Oakshott. Each colourway marries a base colour warp thread with a complementary or contrasting weft to produce the trademark ‘shot’ effect, when colours change depending on how the light falls.
What Will You Make?
Wondering what to make? Check out Oakshott’s bank of project ideas, created exclusively by world-leading designers. They come either as complete kits or as free downloads. These designs provide a rich source of inspiration – perfect for crafting your future heritage!
Colour Picks
Oakshott's curated Colour Picks take the risk out of colour combining, leaving you free to sew and create. Exquisitely folded and tied, these little bundles will tantalise and delight. And they make perfect gifts - for you or for someone special! Choose from Multicolour - fun combinations of highlight or accent colours with complementary or contrasting shades, or Monochrome - one colour with complementary tints, tones and shades added.