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Shimmering shot cottons in sumptuous colours for you to quilt and sew with pride: craft your future heritage. Daily shipping worldwide.

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Pieces of Eight
Oakshott Fabrics’ Pieces of Eight are prized for their colour intensity and shimmer, their stability and strength. Each collection marries a single warp shade with a rainbow of weft threads to produce colours which mix, match and tone effortlessly together. Lakes, Lipari and Ruby Reds, now simplified to their most popular shades, join Grayshott and Scandinavia as 8-colour sets spanning the entire spectrum. Lakes was inspired by the sublime Alpine landscapes and bright crystal waters that have dazzled visitors throughout the ages. Lakes blues capture the tones of water, from the cool shades of a glacial pool to the purple depths of a sun-warmed lake. Lipari portrays the primordial beauty of the volcanic Aeolian islands. A black warp and lustrous wefts result in distinctive, iridescent jewel tones. Sewing with them evokes jewels from the very depths of the Stromboli volcano. Ruby Reds: from pink to blood-red and deep crimson, Ruby Reds ooze romance and passion, glinting like their gemstone namesakes. They're as passionate and seductive, mysterious and misunderstood as the culture of Spain, their inspiration. Grayshott: a palette as sophisticated as the Provençal locations from which it takes its names, Grayshott marries a Vintage Silver warp with secondary (rather than primary) colours – think green, yellow, turquoise - to produce a unique sensual vibe. Scandinavia: the mere mention of Nordic design conjures calm, muted tones. This delicious palette sharing a Flaxen White warp radiates beauty, warmth and the cosiness that the Danes call hygge. These vaporous blues, soft greys, milky whites and creams convey light and airiness. Palettes like these can only be achieved by combining the finest natural materials – superior two-ply gas mercerised yarns and the best quality dyes - with the latest weaving technology: bold, modern colours meet traditional skills and techniques. Their specific high thread count weave guarantees stability and strength, resulting in quality fabrics that are beautifully soft and yet hold their shape. Prepare to be captivated and beguiled by Oakshott’s Pieces of Eight colour library. With such exquisite colours and the finest, easy-to-work cottons, all you need is the perfect project. Then simply relax and craft the heirlooms of tomorrow.
Lustrous shot cottons in glorious palettes of colour
Oakshott is a family-run business which has been supplying quilters, sewers and textile artists the world over since 2003. The brand is renowned for the high quality of its fabrics and the sumptuousness of its colour ranges. The collections are ethically sourced from specialist weavers who have the latest equipment, expertise and the capabilities to achieve the standards required. Why choose Oakshott? Fabric stability and drape: Fabrics are woven from the finest grade shot cottons: fibres are gas mercerised for a smooth, lustrous finish then two-ply yarns are densely woven to provide strength and achieve a quality fabric that holds its shape. Free from dressing, the drape and handle will remain unchanged over time. Colour intensity Dyeing in fully automated, computer-controlled chambers produces an even application of colour and facilitates colour batching. Only by using the best quality dyes and soft water is it possible to produce the superior colour strike. Exclusive colours with extra dimension The collections are designed entirely in-house, so every shade is unique to Oakshott. An individual colourway is achieved by selecting a base colour warp and marrying it with a complementary or contrasting weft thread. This produces the trademark ‘shot’ effect: the colour appears to shimmer and ‘move’ depending on how the light falls. Some collections share a common weft thread, making them particularly easy to mix, match and tone to stunning effect. Fabric widths: more for your money All Oakshott fabrics are 54” wide – that’s up to 23% wider than 'standard'. It also means that cut lengths and pre-cut packs provide a surprising amount of fabric. Project inspiration Oakshott is proud to collaborate with some of the world’s foremost designers who create exclusive designs and patterns, many of them offered free of charge. These provide a rich source of project inspiration – just the thing for crafting the nation’s future heritage! Oakshott’s exquisite colours and easy-to-work fabrics leave you free to savour the delights of creating a personal masterpiece.
Longshott Stripe
Oakshott Fabrics’ sumptuous colour palette just got better… We've re-woven our most vibrant shades to produce new Longshott Stripe, an eye-catching yet surprisingly subtle collection of self-striped shot cottons. Once more, Michael (Oakshott)’s passion for colour and his in-depth technical knowledge of weaving have come to the fore. Working closely with his master weavers, he has alternated regular and double density warp threads at regular intervals. The stunning result is Oakshott’s signature shot effect, but with an extra dimension: the stripe.
Projects projects projects!
We're proud to collaborate with some of the world’s foremost designers who create exclusive designs and patterns, many of them offered free of charge. These provide a rich source of project inspiration – just the thing for crafting the nation’s future heritage! Browse the entire range or dive into Personal Accessories: Bags 'n Totes to take you anywhere, for any occasion; Home Living Projects: Smaller items - Table Linens, Cushions, Pillows, Wall Art, Flowers, Runners and more; Wall Quilts: Medium sized pieces to display and impress; Bed Quilts & Throws: Larger projects, perfect for snuggling under.

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