Stand J115
Colourcraft Colours & Adhesives Ltd


Unit 5/6 Carlisle Court
555/557 Carlisle Street East
S4 8DT

Phone Number

+44 114 2421431

Colourcraft C & A Limited is an independent, British manufacturer and a market leader for the supply of materials for art, craft and textile design.

Exhibitor’s Products

• Highly pigmented fabric paints which produce extremely soft, professional results on natural and synthetic fabrics including non‐treated leather. • Totally permanent, non‐cracking, non‐peeling, semi‐opaque, light‐fast colours. • Very soft surface handle. Fabric remains supple and stitchable. • Simple to use. Heat fix by ironing for a full 2 minutes on reverse of fabric. • Mix the transparent extender with the fabric paint ranges or dilute with water by up to 15% to create beautiful transparent water colour effects or with the white for pastel shades. • All colours are intermixable creating an infinite number of additional hues and tints. • Simple to use for fabric painting and also screen printing, stamping, stencilling and airbrushing. • Also ideal for use as a general craft paint on paper, card, wood and foam. • Try mixing the pearl colours with the opaque colours for beautiful pearl effects. • Ideal for colouring non‐treated leather and PVC shoes. Heat set with a hair dryer. Paint 3 layers, with 24 hours curing time in between. • Acid free, Non‐Toxic, VOC, Oil & Solvent Free, Wheat and Gluten Free. Fabric
Produces outstanding textured, expanded effects when carrying out design work on card/paper, fabric etc. It can be applied straight from the container without adding colour, heat cured using the heat gun featured below and, once expanded, gilded, painted, embroidered etc. Stunning effects can be obtained by using our Aztec Range or metallic acrylic inks to paint it. Alternatively, the 3D binder can be placed in a palette, coloured with Acrylic paint, Fabric Paint, Adva Print Standard Colours and also Brusho® Crystal Colour.
Aztec Metallic Eco Paint
• High quality precious metal effect water based paint • Can be applied to porous surfaces to decorate and enhance any project • Aztec paints produce outstanding shimmering metallic effects when dry • They are ideal for recreating the look of precious metals, pearls, for art deco and other projects, mask decorations, carnival scenes and stage props. • Stunning effects can be created by using this paint with either Bondaweb or Tyvek and heat distressing • It can also be mixed with other mediums to create additional effects • Non‐toxic, light‐fast, non‐tarnishing, not based on metallic powders • Wheat & gluten free, VOC & Oil free. Acid free. Aztec Finest Eco Metallic Readymix UK ManUfactUre
Tyvek Paper
Has the appearance and feel of paper, gives a more pronounced effect than lightweight Tyvek®. For outstanding effects try colouring by spraying with our new Brusho® mist and shimmer mist sprays or our Aztec Metallic and Lustre range of paints.
Concentrated fabric dyes for cellulose (plant) fibres such as Cotton, Calico, Linen, Viscose, Rayon, Flax, Hemp, Jute, Sisal etc. Excellent on Silk. (Also Polyester/Cotton Mixes to lighter shades) A range of 27 intermixable, permanent, colourfast dyes which produce intense, vibrant results. Ideal for immersion dyeing, tie dyeing, dip dyeing, air brushing, printing, twisting, sponging, spraying etc. also design work on paper. Non‐toxic.

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