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Clover proudly offers a wide range of knitting, sewing, patchwork and quilting tools that appeal to everyone from beginners to experts.

Exhibitor’s Products

Black Gold Needles
Clover Black Gold Needles are especially designed for hand stitching and are definitely the ‘go to’ needle for hand quilters. They are made from carefully selected, high quality steel to give an optimum balance of strength and flexibility which ensures the best possible performance and a stress - free hand stitching experience Black Gold Needles are exceptionally rust-resistant and the special black plating makes them ultra-smooth so they glide effortlessly through fabric, making easy work of all your creative hand sewing.
Mini Wonder Clips
Our innovative and best-selling “Wonder Clip” now comes in a mini version. Small but strong, Clover Mini Wonder Clips perform in exactly the same way as the standard size and provide a great alternative to pins, especially when working with vinyl, pile or heavy weight fabrics. They are small enough to hold tiny fabric pieces together in tight spaces and are ideal for miniature patchwork, making doll clothes etc. They can be used for a wide variety of projects suitable for adults and children alike. They are brightly coloured, making them easy to see on your project and easy to find in your workbox or if dropped on the floor!
Roll & Press
It’s now so simple to open and fold seams thanks to Clover Roll & Press. This user-friendly tool presses open both straight and curved seams with the greatest of ease without the need for an iron that can leave tell-tale pressing lines that show through to the right side of the fabric. The roller is ergonomically shaped so pressure is focused centrally on the fold or crease line, exactly where it’s needed. The unique design of Roll and Press makes it very comfortable to use and only the smallest amount of pressure is required to achieve excellent results. This tool is also perfect for paper crafting, giving precise, sharp fold lines which are so essential for many creative projects. Must be seen to be believed! Please visit our booth and try it for yourself.
Stitch Guide
Neat, accurate stitching lines and a consistent seam width give a professional finish and both can be achieved very easily using the Clover Stitch Guide. The guide is ideal for dressmaking and quilting alike and can also be used on curves or for making bags straps and other accessories. It has a special backing that sticks to the machine and can be peeled off easily and reused numerous times without leaving any residue. Once positioned on the machine, all you have to do is feed the fabric and follow the Stitch Guide! Also included is a plastic grid sheet with holes that can be used for a variety of sewing tasks and for marking seam width etc. The sheet provides an accurate gauge to measure distance between the needle and fabric edge.
Embroidery Stitching Tool
Thanks to the Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool, you can embroider as easily as drawing a picture! This well-designed needle-punching tool makes a variety of stitches including back stitch, satin stitch, loop stitch, chenille embroidery etc. by simply punching the needle into fabric in the specified way. The tool comes with one needle for use with three strands of embroidery thread, one interchangeable needle holder and a special long needle threader designed for the Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool series. The series includes four needle sizes for use with various different kinds of threads or yarns.

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