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Changs are specialists in Asian textiles and crafts, particularly in indigo shibori fabric made in rural China.

Exhibitor’s Products

Handmade Chinese Indigo Shibori Fabric
Hand-created Indigo Shibori (Zha Ran) Cotton fabric produced in China by the Bai minorities who live the mountainous regions of the Yunnan province by stitching and tying lengths of white cotton into intricate patterns, ready for dying. This is particularly labour intestive work and may take several weeks to prepare a whole bolt of cloth depending upon the complexity of the design.
Quilting and Applique Kits
We have a range of quilting and applique kits using our stunning handcrafted fabrics, to make quilts and wall hangings.
Handmade Chinese Beanpaste fabric
Produced in the Shanghai area of China, these patterns are made by squeezing a beanpaste through a stencil to act as a barrier prior to dyeing in indigo. Hence its name of Indigo Beanpaste or Lan Yin Hua Bu. It is also known by the name of Blue Nankeen.

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