In 2019, the EQA will celebrate its 30th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, and to emphasize one of the unifying materials that all members of EQA use to produce their work, the EQA challenges quilters from all their member countries to make works for the exhibition under the title “Threads without Borders”.
In times when the political and economic Europe is facing more difficulties than anybody might have anticipated, EQA’s statement is that simple materials such a sewing threads, embroidery threads, or any other kinds of threads are the material to connect people in Europe on all sides of and across the borders between the geopolitical countries. Quilters will give a strong voice to this unifying and necessary equipment for making quilts: Make a statement about the position and function of threads in your work, your life, your dreams…
Each EQA member country selects and presents a panel of 3 quilts according to both excellences of idea and execution. Each quilt reflects freedom and a highly individual approach in unlimited use of patchwork and quilting techniques to interpret the theme. Alongside with art quilts conveying creative imagination and innovation are artworks that reflect thematically manifold approach and deep connection with ancient traditions which grows into contemporary refinement.

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