Venue & Duration

The Fine Art Textiles Award exhibition is intended for display at The Festival of Quilts in July/August 2021 (alongside the exhibition from 2020) AND at The Knitting & Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate, so entrants must be prepared for their piece to travel for a period of four to five months. Given the ongoing uncertainty presented by the pandemic, there is a risk that these exhibitions will not go ahead in 2021, in which case the shortlist will be presented online and we will aim to find an alternative venue in the future. 

Please note that due to venue restrictions it may not always be possible exhibit the entire shortlist and artists will be advised by email if this is the case. Return of any works will be arranged at the cost of the Organiser.

Entry Requirements

Please pay attention to the following information before submitting:

      • One image showing the overall work, ideally as you wish to see it presented.
      • Two detail images
      • Please ensure images are professionally shot. Good quality images are essential to maximise your chance of selection. Files must be high resolution JPEG or TIFF files, a minimum of 300dpi. The file size should be between 1mb – 3mb (no larger than 8mb)
      • Images must be uploaded as part of your entry via the online form

FATA Entry Form

To enter the Fine Art Textiles Award please complete the entry form.

Submission Criteria

      • A label to identify it is part of FATA, with your full name and ‘from’ address.
      • All hanging devices (wooden battens can be provided but ideally we ask you to enclose, rods, wires or other hanging mechanisms).
      • A written explanation, diagram or image that clearly shows how the work is to be presented. The web entry form will ask whether a plinth or special presentation device will be needed, and the dimensions of such. Please note that such devices will be made of wood and painted white.
      • Any necessary information or recommendations for re-packing.

Getting your work to us

On invitation to the short-list, successful applicants will ensure their work arrives between 5th and 9th July 2021.

Post / courier your work to:

Bill Bowden Event Logistics
4 Dickens Close
East Grinstead
West Sussex RH19 1SE

If sending from outside the UK, we advise you to contact our shippers (email: who can advise on the process and help you avoid paying customs duty. Please be aware that if any charges are made for customs, you the maker will need to make payment in full. Any such fees will not be covered by the organisers.

Packing your work

Please ensure your work is packaged adequately for travel between several different venues. It is difficult to advise on the best materials to use without understanding the nature of your work, but we usually advise acid free tissue paper to avoid creasing, plenty of bubble wrap to withstand transportation and strong cardboard for the outside packaging. 

If your work is 3D or fragile in nature, we advise you to create a bespoke box or packaging that will protect it in transit (and that can be opened and re-packed numerous times). 

If there are any specific packing instructions, please include with your parcel and also send in advance by email. 

Where possible, please avoid using packaging that will tear or get damaged when opening as we will try our best to re-use your packaging after each show. Where possible please use shrink wrap tape instead of brown sticky tape, which can ruin packaging. 

We do our best to ensure your packaging is returned to you but please be aware this is not always possible, and we cannot accept any responsibility for lost or damaged packaging. 


If you are selected for FATA, you will be automatically covered by our insurance cover for pieces valued up to £1500. The work will be covered from the moment it arrives with us to the moment you receive it back.

Any work which exceeds this value and requires additional insurance can pay to cover their work at a cost to the maker of £10 for values between £1500 – £2000, £20 for values between £2001 – £2500 and so on in increments of £10.

It must be emphasised that, whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of any
entry, it has to be recognised that some risk is inevitable and must be accepted by all entrants.

The Return of your work

Exhibited works will be returned at the organiser’s expense no later than the end of January 2022.

Prizes & Selection Process

Read more about the Prizes & Selection process here.

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