Eco Printing on Paper

By Jude Kingshott on behalf of Brunhilde Scheidmeir

Join Jude as she shares her colleague and friend’s technique on eco-printing on paper.

This is a technique that can be used on fabric or paper.

Jude will be using A3 heavy watercolour paper and a selection of leaves.

It is important to have a strong contact between the leaves and the paper and brush the mordant on the underside of the leaf. The results are a great selection of the wonderful colours that nature gives.

Watch video tutorials

Eco Printing - Brunhilde's Tech

Book Making - Jude's Tech

About the tutors

Jude Kingshott

Jude Kingshott is a practicing mixed media artist and teacher who exhibits regularly both individually and with other contemporary artists.  She teaches regularly in the UK and Europe.

Jude has been creative from a very young age and over the years has studied with other tutors such as Denise Lach, Sandra Brownlee and Claire Benn.  She worked with Leslie Morgan at Committed to Cloth as the Studio Manager for five years. More recently she has been co tutoring with her friend Brunhilde Scheidmeir.  She has been featured in Professional Patchwork (Germany) and in Popular Patchwork (Meet the Studio Manager).

Jude began her creative life as a textile artist but has extended her practice to include bookmaking and indigo dyeing. Her first love is hand stitching.  Combining eco printing from Brunhilde Scheidmeir with her hand stitching a series of work has evolved ready to be exhibited in the future.

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Brunhilde Scheidmeir

Brunhilde is a practising textile/mixed media artist who finds her inspiration from the natural world, she is co-author of ‘Natural Printing with plant Dyes published in both German and English. Her artistic practice focuses on working with natural dyes, mordants and plant materials in combinations with other surface design techniques. The results are beautiful scarves, fabrics for garments, wall hangings, curtains and bed throws. Eco printed papers are used in book making and unique, framed pieces. Brunhilde is an international tutor, teaching in her own studio in Speyer, Germany, also in Italy and the UK.

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