Tea Caddy

By Janice Croft

This project is suitable for beginners and children learning to sew. It is an easy folder to make and very versatile. It can be used for carrying your favourite tea sachets or any small items that you may need while travelling. It’s also great for hand embroiderer’s to carry cards of coloured floss, needles etc. It would be a lovely gift and a good seller at craft/charity fairs.

It is easy to make following the simple steps explained in this video.

What you will need

  • 27cm square of printed cotton fabric
  • 27cm of lining fabric
  • 15cm of 6mm wide elastic

Watch video tutorial

Step-by-step guide

Step 1

Baste loop of elastic 9cm up from the corner. NB loop hangs inside

Step 2

Place lining right side down on top. Stitch all the way around, leave a 5cm gap on one side

Step 3

Turn through, press edges. Fold up 4cm edge on opposite sides to form the pockets. Divide into 3, mark both folds

Step 4

Topstitch on all sides close to the edge. Stitch along both marked lines, back stitch at each end

Step 5

Fill with tea sachets, fold in half matching the pockets. Fold into 3, close with elastic loop.

About the tutor

Janice Croft

Janice Croft is tutor from London. Her primary passions are dressmaking, pattern drafting and tailoring. She has taught at Festival of Quilts and Knitting & Stitching Shows for many years.

She has dedicated the last 23 years to passing on her skills either on a 1-2-1 basis, day classes or retreat weekends around the country. Her style is fun, student centered learning. She runs a weekly dressmaking clinic at the Sewing Rooms in Putney, along with retreats in Coventry and Kent.

For further information, email: janicecroft59@gmail.com