Colour Value Adds Excitement to Quilts!

By Tammie Bowser

When you look at beautiful quilts, you instantly notice colour. The vibrant colours can lead you to think that colour is the most important thing to consider while deciding on your fabric palettes.  Get colour wise following my simple technique.

As an award-winning quilt artist, I have found that colour value is the tool that allows me to create amazing quilts. The correct use of colour value along with wise colour choices will add excitement to every quilt you make after you learn my simple technique!

If you have a big selection of fabrics and you try to sort them all at one time, you may find sorting your fabrics by value intimidating. My solution for decreasing the intimidation is to make the process an easy series of simple questions. The technique involves isolating the fabrics and concentrating your focus on just two fabrics at a time. The tool I use is a white card with two holes. I call the tool a “Value Isolation Tool”.

Step 1

Choose your fabric selection. Include light, medium and dark fabrics. 

Step 2

Line them up from light to dark the best you can. Do not work to hard or spend a lot of time sorting your fabrics because we will use the “Value Isolation Tool” to double check the order and adjust them.

Step 3

Place the value isolation tool over the first two fabrics with one hole over each fabric. The only thing you need to ask yourself is if the second fabric is darker then the first!

Step 4

If the answer is yes, then you continue by placing the tool over the next two fabrics. If the answer is no, then you move the fabric to find the correct placement. 

Step 5

Use the tool to view all of the fabrics. Continue until the fabrics are in order from the lightest to darkest!

Further information

If you would like to get a ‘Value Isolation Tool’ for yourself visit Tammie’s website. You can get a “Value Isolation Tool” if you pay the shipping or get one free with any other product order.