Something Fishy Going On!

By Jennie Rayment

You will need:

For 12½” square cut:

  • One 6½” sq Fish body
  • Three 3 7/8” sqs Red – cut in half diagonally
  • Three 3 7/8” sqs Blue – cut in half diagonally
  • Four 2 x 9½” strips Blue + scrap
  • Four 2” sqs Green

Use 0.75cm (¼”) S/A

Press seams open

Jennie Rayment_fish_image1

Step 1

Cut scrap of blue fabric and applique it to the fish body to make the ‘mouth’.

Jennie Rayment_fish_image2

Step 2

Join five Red and Blue triangles together to make five squares. N.B There will be one Red and one Blue triangle left.

Jennie Rayment_fish_image3

Step 3

Join Green squares to ends of two Blue strips.

Jennie Rayment_fish_image4

Step 4

Stitch Red/Blue squares into rows.

Jennie Rayment_fish_image5

Step 5

Attach shorter row to one side of fish body and longer row to other side.

Jennie Rayment_fish_image6

Step 6

Press seams open, remember to cut off ears! Not yours!!!

Jennie Rayment_fish_image7

Step 7

Attach two Blue 2 x 9½” strips to opposite sides of block.

Jennie Rayment_fish_image8

Step 8

Attach remaining strips to the other two sides. Press seams toward outside edge.

Step 9

Add an eye.

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