'The Encaustic Minimalist' with Daniella Woolf

Encaustic is a mixed media technique whereby paint or pigment is added to hot beeswax which is then applied to a surface. This workshop is designed for those wishing to give encaustic a try, in a series of mini workshops that can be ‘dipped into’ in your own time. It is the ideal investment for an artist who desires to broaden their portfolio and create some wonderful art with minimal investment of materials

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‘The Encaustic Minimalist’ with Daniella Woolf is a series of mini-workshops each designed to help you learn and enjoy the art of working with encaustic wax.  India Ink, the Encaustic pen tool and attachments, stencils and metallics are explored in a series of demonstrations and suggested projects. 

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What you'll learn

  • Creating a paper napkin collage
  • Making doughnuts with the pen tool
  • Encaustic and India ink
  • Working three panels at once
  • Encaustic pen tool: explained and demonstrated
  • Flecking watercolour pencils on fabric
  • Using spray mists for added bling
  • Creating watercolour substrates on your panel
  • Stencils and India ink
  • Working with stencils before encaustic
  • Working with stencils after encaustic
  • Creating an encaustic work on paper
  • Dry brush stroke
  • Applying metallic foils to encaustic art
  • Repurposing art with encaustic pigments

What's included

  • 2.5 hours of video tutorials. The sessions have been split into 10 bitesize sessions, meaning you can navigate and watch specific sections again at ease.
  • 100-page e-book.
  • Unlimited access until 11:59 (GMT) on 31 December 2021.  

Getting started

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Getting started

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'The Encaustic Minimalist' with Daniella Woolf

Session 1 – Overview

Session 2 – India ink

Session 3 – The pen tool

Session 4 – Creating a paper napkin collage

Session 5 – Making doughnuts

Session 6 – Creating a work on paper

Session 7 – Working with stencils

Session 8 – Stencils with dry brush stroke

Session 9 – Metallics

Session 10 – When all else fails – Conclusion

About the Tutor: Daniella Woolf


Daniella Woolf is an artist, author, curator and instructor in encaustic, fiber and mixed media. She describes her work as ‘an amalgamation of materiality, mathematics and repetition’ and her preferred medium is encaustic because of the versatility it offers. Daniella is currently exploring stenciling and multi-dimensional paper mixed media art as well as enjoying the beaches and bluffs of her hometown, Santa Cruz, California.