Expert quilter Judi Kirk guides you through all aspects of patchwork and quilting. You’ll master straight and curved machine piecing, use of colour, walking foot and free motion quilting and how to professionally finish and bind your quilt. Guest tutors Sandie Lush and Nancy Adamek also share their expertise in hand quilting and English paper piecing.


Whether you’re just starting out on your quilting journey, have made a few projects and are keen to learn more or are a devoted quilter eager to perfect your techniques, Judi Kirk’s Complete guide to patchwork and quilting: 30 years of techniques, tips and tricks is designed for you – allowing to reach your full quilting potential.

You can watch, pause, and re-watch as many times as you like as Judi expertly guides you through all aspects of patchwork and quilting. You will also get access to a regular live session with Judi where you can ask questions, show off your work and pick up extra tips and tricks.

In each session you will be fully guided by Judi with practical and easy to follow instructions to help you get to grips with even the most challenging areas of patchwork and quilting. She’ll inspire you to try new things in a positive and encouraging environment.

Judi will build on any existing knowledge you may have, supporting you as she guides you through each session helping you to master all of her techniques so you can quilt with confidence.

By purchasing this Masterclass, you will gain unlimited access to this On-Demand series, with opportunities to interact directly with Judi during one of our regular ‘Meet the Tutor’ live sessions. Once you have purchased the Masterclass, we will keep in touch so that you know when the next live tutor session is taking place. These live sessions will be free to attend for Masterclass purchasers.

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What you'll learn

  • Session 1: Getting Started
  • Session 2: Accurate Piecing
  • Session 3: All About Colour
  • Session 4: Foundation Piecing
  • Session 5: Curved Piecing
  • Session 6: English Paper Piecing
  • Session 7: Hand Quilting
  • Session 8: Free Motion Quilting
  • Session 9: Quilting with a Walking Foot
  • Session 10: Finishing

Session details

  • Level: Suitable for all levels
  • 11 hours of video tutorials. The sessions have been split into 10 bitesize sessions, meaning you can navigate and watch specific sections again at ease.
  • Access to a regular live session with Judi where you can ask questions, show off your work and pick up extra tips and tricks.
  • Unlimited access to masterclass series.
  • Price: £95

Access to the session

The session will take place on 17/07/2021 4:00 PM GMT

About the Tutor: Judi Kirk


As a collector of quilts, Judi Kirk joined her first quilting group in 1993 and from there developed her skill and life-long passion for the craft. It was her love of quilting which led her to complete the Quilters’ Guild Judging Course and begin teaching at local patchwork and quilting groups. She is now a teacher with an international following, having delivered hundreds of workshops in the UK and USA and to quilters all over the world.

Judi has travelled extensively, building up networks of fellow quilters and sharing and comparing methods and techniques which she then integrates into her teaching. She continues to love to learn about the artistry of quilting, thriving in those “eureka” moments when she helps a quilter overcome an issue which has been holding them back.

Judi enjoys all kinds of patchwork and quilting, with a particular love for the bold designs of modern quilts, as a member of the Modern section of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles and the US-based Modern Quilt Guild.

Judi will also be joining us at FOQ this July to host a ‘Beautiful Bargello’ workshop and a ‘Taste of judging’ lecture.