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Name Of Quilter: Ms Chitra Mandanna

A huge congratulations to Chitra Mandanna​ for winning The Festival of Quilts 2020 Visitor’s choice award.


96cm x 116cm


If you want to know what a pure heart is, you’ve to meet ‘Poopaati Anjalè’. ‘Poopaati’ means ‘Flower Grandma’ in Tamilnadu, India.

Anjalè sells flowers on the pavement in my neighbourhood. One evening while my 1 & a half years old daughter & I were on a walk, my little one’s eyes fell on the flowers that Anjalè was selling & called out to her as ‘Poopaati’. Anjalè smiled & gestured us towards her. We were soon looking at the many types of flowers like Marigolds, roses, lotus etc. My little one eagerly took all the flowers she liked.

Once she was satisfied with her pick, which was quite a lot, I took my purse out to pay. This is when Anjalè surprised me with her generosity & love. She didn’t charge me a penny & instead said “It is for the child. She can take as many flowers as she wants”.
Though she earns very little Anjalè continues to offer free flowers to my child who is 4 years old now. It is her generous heart & beautiful smile I have attempted to capture in my quilt.


Cotton fabrics, cheese cloth, sythetic fabrics, lace, tulle.

Technical Information:

1. Fabric layering – Three layers of fabrics including cheese cloth are used for the stone wall and quilted to bring out the texture of the stone. Lighter tone fabric is placed over pieces of dark fabric at certain areas to create shadows on the saree and frock. Two layers of tulle in different shades are used to create folds and shadows on the frock.
2. Fabric collage – printed fabrics are cut and fused together to give a collage effect.
3. Confetti – Fabric confetti quilting technique is used to create a few bundles of flowers in the baskets.
4. Thread painting – lotus, roses, stems of the plants, hair, beads, bangles and other jewellery are all thread painted.
5. Painting – acrylic paints and inktense pencils are sparingly used just for highlights and shadows on certain areas.
6. Free motion quilting and raw edge applique is done all over the quilt.