Beyond The Festival of Quilts Judges Choice

The Judge’s Choice Awards are an opportunity for each judge to choose a quilt that speaks to them – that makes them smile, or tugs at their heart-strings or that simply stands out as “special” to them. The judges are asked not choose category winners, but otherwise they were free to choose any quilt in the show that they deemed as their favourite in the competition.

Beach Combing

Quilt Maker: Brenda Sanders

Category: Contemporary Quilts

Judge: Judith Barker

Judge’s Comment: This apparently simple arrangement of shapes draws the viewer in to notice more complex patterns in the stitching. A calm and meditative piece of work.

Pieces of Memories

Quilt Maker: Katarzyna Plesniak

Category: Art Quilts

Judge: Lisbet Borggreen

Judge’s Comment: Congratulations on your successful follow up on Memories

Mad Tea Party

Quilt Maker: Olena Pugach

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Fiona Brockie

Judge’s Comment: Movement, energy, gaiety and colour successfully capture the essence of Carroll’s characters in this captivating quilt. The depth and perspective created by the quilting of the appliqué elements are beautifully complemented by the subtly effective background quilting.

Blau de Colors El Tubo

Quilt Maker: Montserrat Forcadell Blasco

Category: Contemporary Quilts

Judge: Dawn Cameron-Dick

Judge’s Comment: A dramatic piece with depth and movement. It draws you into the piece with curves and colour chosen to perfection.

Just an Illusion

Quilt Maker: Verena Giavelli

Category: Miniature Quilts

Judge: Asun Cauhe

Judge’s Comment: Excellent design and execution creating a realistic optic illusion by playing with good geometric simplicity
and allowing proportions to create the 3D effect.Surface embellishment well chosen to add the volume which in the end is ….’just an illusion’


Quilt Maker: Sophie Zaugg

Category: Modern Quilts

Judge: Sara Cook

Judge’s Comment: A clever design that holds your interest. Shows a confident use of colour with lots of exciting contrasting texture created with strip piecing and a bold printed fabric. Three circular machine quilted motifs float
across the surface breaking the frame adding a nice sense of movement. I found a lot here to keep me interested and enjoyed the overall balance of the design.

Sea Urchin Fragments

Quilt Maker: Pippa Wardman

Category: Art Quilts

Judge: Silvia Dell’Aere

Judge’s Comment: This is a masterly composed and executed piece of art. The disposition of the fragments, their bright colour and texture, along with the quilting design, create an engaging flowing effect that
catches the eyes and makes this piece intriguing.

Fabric Matters

Quilt Maker: Jenny Goss

Category: Novice Quilts

Judge: Janice Gunner

Judge’s Comment: Soft, carefully chosen placement of colours in naïve rounded shapes on backgrounds which complement the applique. Maybe inspiration was taken from Kandinsky here? Although it is difficult to see the stitching due to the quality of the image, the overall effect is of calm and consideration. Nicely finished off binding.


Quilt Maker: Monika Huelsebusch

Category: Modern Quilts

Judge: Jenny Hall

Judge’s Comment: This is a peacful quilt that appealed to me as our lives are forced to change. The choice of colours and their
juxtaposition is balanced, as is the size of the repeated shapes in relation to the width of the surround. Even the edge of the qjilt reflects the internal shapes. Very calming and ordered.

Between Land and Sea

Quilt Maker: Janet McCallum

Category: Art Quilts

Judge: Jan Hassard

Judge’s Comment: These colours and the areas of distress remind me of what we are missing in our lives at the moment. Sunny climes and intriguing distant shores. A well thought out interesting piece.

Musical Manuscript

Quilt Maker: Jo Rednall

Category: Art Quilts

Judge: Jutta Hufnagel

Judge’s Comment: I love the way you have interpreted the rhythm and the sound qualities in a piece of music as an intriguing and engaging representative of textile art. Great shapes and great contrast!

Roots of the Past

Quilt Maker: Lorraine Rogers

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Unn Stahr Irgens

Judge’s Comment: This vigorous and picturesque quilt appealed to me with its whimsical use of shapes and colours. The more
I look at it I find details and colours of interest.

A lockdown Forage

Quilt Maker: Belinda Kempster

Category: Miniature Quilts

Judge: Birgit Kaller

Judge’s Comment: An eyecatching miniature shibori with beautiful colour combination.


Quilt Maker: Vicky Grainger

Category: Novice Quilts

Judge: Judi Kirk

Judge’s Comment: Brilliantly designed and executed quilt, with so much atmosphere. Using a very traditional, but not often seen, knife-edge finish is masterful as it allows all those carefully created angles to travel all the way to the edge.

Water for All - maji kwa wote

Quilt Maker: Gabi Fischer

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Verena Lenzlinger

Judge’s Comment:The human right, “water for all” is expressed by varied, simple technique, well used, with wonderful material from places, where water must be earned. The quilt has an archaic touch and gives a strong

Galapagos Land Iguana

Quilt Maker: Sue Sherman

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Annelize Littlefair

Judge’s Comment: An incredible image where the quilting has been used masterfully to highlight every nuance of the lizard’s skin. The background quilting cleverly supports and does not distract from the focus, so much so that it is hard to believe that there is any quilting at all. Stunning colour choices help to create this masterpiece.

Just an Illusion

Quilt Maker: Verena Giavelli

Category: Miniature Quilts

Judge: Steve Lockie

Judge’s Comment: Clever use of fabric, colour and shapes create the effective optical illusion of this piece.

Hidden People

Quilt Maker: Duffy Indeherberg

Category: Art Quilts

Judge: Sandie Lush

Judge’s Comment:This is such a clever and eyecatching quilt.The clear bright colours really sing.

Rhapsody Music

Quilt Maker: Rosa M Morales Rodríguez & Hornillos Justa

Category: Two Person Quilt

Judge: Jean Meyers

Judge’s Comment: I love the confident and unusual colouring which effectively adds depth and dimension to what could be a
very two-dimensional piece.


Quilt Maker: Ms Chitra Mandanna

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Mary Munday

Judge’s Comment: This quilt depicts the emotion of a passing moment – a street flower seller’s gift to a child. Well observed
details such as the paving stones, toothy smile and folds of the sari are created in colour texture and fine quilting

Quilt Of Mysteries

Quilt Maker: Mihir Puranik

Category: YQE 5-9

Judge: Philippa Naylor

Judge’s Comment: So bright, happy and engaging. I love the mix of prints and great range of colours mixed with back and white to make a really dynamic composition. Lots of interesting shapes and fussy cutting. Great binding and super flowing quilting lines. Just invites you in to explore and enjoy. A delight!

The Dance

Quilt Maker: Giulia Molon

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Lorraine Parker

Judge’s Comment: The monochromatic colours give excellent cohesion and appeal. The space of the background supports and gives added texture to the main focus area.I love the feeling of movement and elegance created. Quilting and construction outstanding.


Quilt Maker: Bara Bartosova

Category: Art Quilts

Judge: Mari-Carmen Pujante

Judge’s Comment: A powerful and dynamic design with a strong visual impact very well executed. I particularly like the wide selection of threads used that contribute to an excellent  monochromatic colour palette.
All techniques chosen support the maker’s intention in an impressive way.

Gentlemen on the Street

Quilt Maker: Marie Bergstedt

Category: Art Quilts

Judge: Paula Rafferty

Judge’s Comment: I particularly like the non-traditional shape of this piece, the interesting textures created by the application
of buttons and the clever use of clothing to create the figures.


Quilt Maker: Flavia Favaro

Category: Traditional Quilts

Judge: Diana Ridsell-Smith

Judge’s Comment: An eye catching quilt in its simplicity. A good balance between tall and broad triangles.Colour flows well, I
particularly enjoyed the flow of pale blues tumbling down in the top right hand quadrant. Patchwork at its best!

Off The Grid

Quilt Maker: Ann Harwell

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Jo Riou

Judge’s Comment: The fabulous use of printed fabrics creates depth and texture in this quilt. Interesting piecing really shows off the suberb scale in the design.

Spring Dance

Quilt Maker: Susan J Lapham

Category: Art Quilts

Judge: Roz Rossiter

Judge’s Comment: I really like the visual contrast and colour in this quilt, a strong repetitive element and a good use of space make this a very attractive quilt.

My Village

Quilt Maker: Nadia Hikmat

Category: Novice Quilts

Judge: Angela Seabrook

Judge’s Comment: A winter’s night well portrayed by a variety of dark/patterned background fabrics. The wonky houses are such fun with lots to look at and decipher. I love it! Well done.

Point Lonsdale Jetty

Quilt Maker: Gloria Loughman

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Linda Seward

Judge’s Comment: This quilt had me at hello. I love the realism of the wooden pier contrasted with the ethereal jewel-like colours of the water. The design is reminiscent of the simple Log Cabin block, but has been artistically interpreted into a very
pleasing composition.

Mad tea party

Quilt Maker: Mrs Olena Pugachova

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Frances Silverman

Judge’s Comment: Everyone’s cup of tea, a feast for the eyes and puts a smile on your face

The thread that never tears

Quilt Maker: Atelier de couture magique

Category: YQE Group

Judge: Anine Sluyterman

Judge’s Comment: A beautiful timestamp from your life. I’m sure you all enjoyed  contributing to a happy group quilt. I especially love your personal embroideries and the frame of well balanced fabrics and an outer border like a stamp.

Trouble in Paradise 3

Quilt Maker: Kelly Cheesley

Category: Quilt Creations

Judge: Trudy Steer

Judge’s Comment: Clever use of faux chenille to mimic the wavy structure of coral. Great depth is achieved through various textures in the absence of colour. A most beautiful object and yet the whitening of coral is a stress response and as bad as seeing a seabird covered in black oil. Thanks to this entry I saw the film Chasing Coral on Netflix.

Textile Vessel

Quilt Maker: Sue Trevor

Category: Quilt Creations

Judge: Merrill Tanton

Judge’s Comment: Vibrant, jewel like colours and an interesting stitched design make this an eye catching piece with organic
form.Well done, I love it ! Thank you for entering this piece.

Anamika - We Too - The Faceless Unsung Bravehearts of India

Quilt Maker: Lalitha Rajan & Mary Eby Mathew

Category: Quilt Creations

Judge: Hilde van Schaardenburg

Judge’s Comment: A striking image with sensitive theme and colours makes this work a piece of art with tremendous impact.
Well done. Congratulations!

Fusion de culturas

Quilt Maker: Eva Garmendia Beristain

Category: Pictorial Quilts

Judge: Susan Vogel

Judge’s Comment: The minimalist but subtly complementary colour palette and careful colour placement of shadows create a
distinctive mood. It is thoughtful but simplistic. The opposites of a grand background and a daily life foreground make it interesting.

Broken China

Quilt Maker: Florence Knapp

Category: Miniature Quilts

Judge: Vera Walker

Judge’s Comment: Beautiful design making wonderful use of the patterned fabric with careful cutting. Good colour combination and very well put together.

Changing Seasons

Quilt Maker: Fabia Delise

Category: Miniature Quilts

Judge: Anne Wheeler

Judge’s Comment: An original and  innovative adaptation of a traditional technique, showing subtlety in colour change, texture and movement. Well thought out. I would have liked to take this quilt home.

2 Degrees Celsius

Quilt Maker: BeeSewcial

Category: Group Quilts

Judge: Brenda Wroe

Judge’s Comment: An intriguing modern design with a chilly atmosphere conveyed through its composition and colour palette.
Some gentle quilting curves introduce a lovely contrast to the straight piecing and matchstick quilting. Congratulations on executing this group challenge so successfully!