Rules for Entering

Presented by Upper Street Events, Organisers of The Festival of Quilts

Definition of a quilt:

The structure of a quilt traditionally has three complete layers, but a minimum of two complete layers may be appropriate. These layers must be pierced and joined together by stitch. Other joining elements may be added.

Rules and Terms of Entry into the Virtual Competition 2020

In addition to the specific requirements of each competition category, the following rules and regulations are common to all:

1. The submission deadline is midnight on Friday 3rd July 2020

2. Entry fees are payable per entry into the competition and a processing fee of up to 3% of the total cost will also apply.

3. Entry fees are non-refundable

4. Up to two pieces by the same maker may be entered per category

5. Quilts entered must have one dimension (either height or width) of at least one metre and must not exceed three metres (this does not apply to Miniature, Quilt Creations or Young Quilters)

6. The decision for the category entered is the sole responsibility of the maker. Quilts will not be moved to another category after the entry form is processed

7. Photography of the piece is the responsibility of the maker

8. Photographs submitted with the entry must be of a high standard and comply with the requirements outlined on the entry form

9. Entrants must submit a minimum of four photographs to qualify for remote judging

10. Entries submitted with poor quality photographs may result in disqualification

11. All entrants must be aware that through their participation, both the organisers, Upper Street Events Ltd and The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles will have the right to utilise photographs of the work within their own promotional publications and digital platforms, approved publications or within magazines and newspapers. Occasionally, work may be also seen on television. Where possible, the artist will receive full credit

12. Other than in the Group and Young Quilter categories an entry must have been created by the person entering the piece. Quilts sent to a long arm quilter must be entered into the Two Person category

13. All entries must be made via the official online entry form, alternative forms of entry will not be accepted.

14. The judges’ decision is final

15.Given the circumstances surrounding the impact of Covid-19, our judging panel are giving their time and expertise free of charge to judge the quilts virtually from photographs. Whilst the judging panel will do their utmost to evaluate all entries, taking the influence of lighting, photography etc into consideration, it must be accepted that workmanship cannot be properly assessed in a virtual capacity.  

16. Entrants must state (under Inspiration) if their quilt is an original design or if it is based on a secondary source – see 16 and 17

17. Entrants must acknowledge (under Technique or Inspiration) if their quilt has been made from a book, magazine, workshop or kit

18. Entrants must acknowledge (under Technique or Inspiration) if their quilt features a ‘work of art’ or utilises an image or photograph created by someone other the maker

19. Entrants must acknowledge (under Technique) processes outsourced to third parties such as large-scale digital printing, laser cutting and fabric printing.

Winning Quilts

20. Within each category, all quilts will be featured on The Festival of Quilts website and 10-15 quilts per category will be included in the Festival of Quilts magazine (published in September 2020).

All applicants must agree to the following terms and conditions of entry before submitting:

21.One piece per category will win a prize of £500 and the organisers intend to display the winning quilts at The Knitting & Stitching Shows in London (8-11 October), Dublin (12-15 November) and Harrogate (26-29 November). Quilts will be returned at the cost of the Organisers in December 2020.

22. A hanging sleeve of 10cm / 4 inches (5cm / 2 inches for Miniature quilts) must be attached to the back of the quilt, unless it features an integral hanging device. Failure to provide this may mean that the quilt cannot be displayed.

23. Labels will be sent to each entrant to attach to the quilt and the packaging. Labelling instructions must be followed.

24. If there are any specific or unusual hanging requirements a hanging plan (diagram) must be included inside the packaging with your quilt.

25. Winning quilts will be covered by the Organisers’ insurance to values up to £1,500 from the moment the piece arrives with us, until it arrives back with you in December.

1st-claudia-pfeil-500x500-1 contemporary
Philippa Naylor - 1st place winner 2018
Mandy Pattullo Wallet Book